In Development Care   SYNOPSIS You are sitting in a cozy, reassuring spa. A young woman is taking care of you. She washes you, massages you, performs various actions to give you a sense of well-being and, according to her, wash your «karma». She also uses ASMR techniques, soft sounds that tickles your brain and… Read More

The Panda Sanctuary

cancelled The Panda Sanctuary SYNOPSIS Pierre is a French man who took part in the volunteering programme at the Gengdu centre, home of the Chinese panda reintroduction program. He tells us passionately about his experience. The drawings on his travel diary punctuate the images shot by our team. At the centre, he was fortunate enough… Read More


In Production Jailbirds SYNOPSIS JAILBIRDS takes place in a modern hell prison ruled by a vicious CHIEF WARDEN. But in this living nightmare one guy, FELIX. One tall, muscular gang member is always happy. He lives in serenity and peace of the mind spending his days between crayon drawings and meditation. It enrages the CHIEF… Read More

The Real Thing

A VR journey into a copy of our world. Around China's largest cities, entire neighbourhoods have been  inspired  by  foreign  models. The film explores the most stunning of these "fake cities". lt travels from Paris to London and Venice - without leaving China. The inhabitants guide  us  in  the  parallel  world  where  they have chosen… Read More

Marie-Antoinette VR

Marie Antoinette - Her story was misrepresented by History.   SYNOPSIS Enter the 18th century France in vivid 360 S3D details. Marie-Antoinette invites you on an epic journey inside her memories. From the child queen of Versailles to her premature death, experience her heartbreaking story. Virtual reality will reshape your assumptions about this controversial woman,… Read More