Marie Antoinette – Her story was misrepresented by History.



Enter the 18th century France in vivid 360 S3D details. Marie-Antoinette invites you on an epic journey inside her memories. From the child queen of Versailles to her premature death, experience her heartbreaking story. Virtual reality will reshape your assumptions about this controversial woman, who never actually said “Let them eat cake!”.



Embark on an epic journey inside the life of Marie Antoinette, captured in vivid 360 3D detail. Rediscover her life from her own perspective. She never said, « Let them eat cake. »

Marie Antoinette VR is the concept demo of a cinematic VR episodic experience in development

Marie Antoinette VR had its world premiere at 2018 Cannes Film Festival Next VR, was presented at Oculus Connect 4 and was an official selection at Busan International Film Festival.

Carol Liu’s Marie-Antoinette has been supported by Google in 2017 JUMP Start Program. The Demo has been shot with the support of Digital Rise and DVgroup.



Writer/Producer/Director: Carol Liu, U-Ma Studios
Demo Co-produced by Digital Rise – DVMobile
Sound design by Headspace Studio
Incubated at Oculus Launchpad
Google Jump Start Program
Support from Youtube Paris