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When Digital Rise founders, Producer François Klein and Director Thomas Villepoux, tried a virtual reality headset prototype in 2013, the possibilities to convey emotions with innovative fictions and new forms of storytelling were overwhelming. Quickly, they started to experiment and find different ways to craft stories for this new medium.

Joining Paris-based innovation studio DVgroup in 2016, they work on dozens of different immersive experiences. They soon realize that most of the experiences proposed by the industry are technology-driven and single-user stories with poor storytelling. Within DVgroup, they create an original content department, that will produce significant experiences like The Real Thing, Being an Astronaut or ALICE the virtual reality play.

Technology is a tool. Immersion brings emotion. Storytelling is the key.


By founding Digital Rise in 2018, François and Thomas push their credo to the next level, creating storyliving universes, cross-media narrative worlds that mix innovative narrative concepts with engaging user-experience designs. Our productions explore all new forms of immersive arts like virtual and augmented reality, immersive theater, collaborative gaming and social experiments entangled into consistent storyworlds.

At the crossroads, we create stories worth living.


Digital Rise creations dare to explore unexpected themes and topics to trigger curiosity, drawing people to venues such as immersive cinemas, arcades, escape rooms, cultural centers, museums… 

Determined to get out of the limited circle of artsy experiences, Digital Rise is open to a large audience, easing the access to this new kind of entertainment with a unique alchemy between story & interactivity, emotion and technology, always engaging the spectators further more into our universes. 

But be careful: we have a strange taste for messing with your brain’s mechanisms, putting human behaviors to the test, and overall to challenge the common belief that we smart monkeys are a superior species.

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Meet the team

François Klein

C.E.O, Producer

Thomas Villepoux

Creative Director