The Panda Sanctuary


Pierre is a French man who took part in the volunteering programme at the Gengdu centre, home of the Chinese panda reintroduction program. He tells us passionately about his experience. The drawings on his travel diary punctuate the images shot by our team.

At the centre, he was fortunate enough to follow the life of several pandas: a mother seriously wounded by a predator, brought back to the centre to be taken care of, a young panda being trained to live in the wild, a pair of twins born in captivity and their mother. The story of each animal will develop, linking the 3 episodes. The documentary will end up with the return to the wild of two big males, the outcome of the work carried out by the teams at the centre.


This immersive 360° documentary takes place in the Gengda Panda Centre, not open to the public, and the Chengdu Centre, both in the national park of the Sichuan mountains. These centres accepted to give us access to exceptional events: reproduction, birth in captivity, training to live in the wild, treatment and surgery. The shooting of the documentary enabled us to take part in all the stages of a panda’s life. Our aim is to bring the audience as close as possible to these animals who are so difficult to approach.

The documentary will consist of 3 x 5-minute episodes, following Pierre’s experience as the main theme. In a voice over, he tells us about his memories and guide us through the centre. The audience will emphasise with the daily missions of the team at the centre who work 24/7, looking after the animals’ well-being.

The aim of this VR documentary is two-fold: immersing the viewer in the day-to-day life of giant pandas in China, but also telling about the fight of the volunteers who are committed to the survival of this unique species that is so endearing.



3×5 minutes 360 documentary

A co-production Digital Rise, Shambala Culture Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

French & English story written and Directed by Jeanne Guillot