United For Peace In Ukraine

Released in March 2022 United For Peace In Ukraine Closing event for SXSW2023   UNITED FOR PEACE IN UKRAINE is a social VR rooftop party celebrating the prolific creativity of Ukrainian electro scene. The event will take place on Friday March 18th at SXSW online festival, hosted on the social VR platform VRChat. The first… Read More

EVE 3.0

In Development EVE 3.0   SYNOPSIS Six extreme states of consciousness: addiction, anxiety, depression, obsession, jealousy and paranoia; six characters who are respectively affected by it: Désirée, Fiona, Meredith, Lohan, Jonas, Amir. And Eve the dancer, an omniscient catalyst that connects viewers to these six stories. Through her choreography, Eve identifies and interprets in her… Read More

A Song Within Us

Released A Song Within Us Cinematic VR interactive documentary   SYNOPSIS Lights turn on. The stage of a theater. A dozen Taiwanese aboriginal singers stand around me on a circle. The dancers move in harmony, singing together a traditional song. I sing with them and, under the effect of my voice, the environment is changing.… Read More

Mechanical Souls : training session

Available Mechanical Souls : training session 40-50min immersive theatre experience + VR movie   SYNOPSIS Mechanical Souls : training session is a collaborative immersive live experience. Audience members are welcomed in an office room, by an Agent and an Android from the A.I. corporation, Mechlife. Each viewer is treated as a new Mechlife employee. As… Read More

Mandala – A brief moment in time

In Production Mandala, A brief moment in time Collaborative free-roaming experience     SYNOPSIS By entering an ancient Buddhist temple, the spectators are offered the opportunity to create altogether a shape of light, a bright and colorful mandala. Depending on their movements, choices and collaboration, each drawing will be unique. The energy instilled in their… Read More