A Song Within Us

Cinematic VR interactive documentary



Lights turn on. The stage of a theater. A dozen Taiwanese aboriginal singers stand around me on a circle. The dancers move in harmony, singing together a traditional song. I sing with them and, under the effect of my voice, the environment is changing. On the walls of the room, the variations of lights form infinite landscapes that evolves, grow and, gradually, occupy all space until … The dream takes over.



A Song Within Us is a sound-interactive experience, with Ambisonic audio. During the experience, viewers will watch an interactive 360° film inside an Ambisonic dome that naturally project the sound all around them. Our goal is to create an experience that encourages viewers to become involved in a Taiwanese aboriginal fantasy ritual.

In the experience, viewers can witness the preparations like a behind-the-scenes person and learn about task arrangement along hierarchies in the ceremony. Since dancing and singing are the most significant cultural symbols among indigenous peoples in Taiwan, viewers can learn the characteristics of “No move undanced, no voice unsung.”     

In every experience, we welcome 5 viewers into the Ambisonic dome, as guests who are going to visit the Amis tribe. After being made aware of the sound interactivity by the host, they will help each viewer to wear ringing anklet bells, worn by the tribes while performing. Anklets represent the connection between the tribes in Taiwan. It is a ritual that welcomes viewers to join the tribe at the experience. Viewers can sing the Aboriginal song, following the main character’s guide. They will share visual feedback based on their singing, but will not see each other inside the experience.



15 minutes Interactive VR documentary with an ambisonic dome for 5 users

Directed by Fangas Nayaw, written by Fangas Nayaw and Estela Valdivieso Chen

Produced by Serendipity|Co-Produced by Digital Rise, Tainan National University of the Arts|In association with C-lab, ircam|Supported by Taiwan Ministry of Culture.