In Development

EVE 3.0



Six extreme states of consciousness: addiction, anxiety, depression, obsession, jealousy and paranoia; six characters who are respectively affected by it: Désirée, Fiona, Meredith, Lohan, Jonas, Amir. And Eve the dancer, an omniscient catalyst that connects viewers to these six stories.

Through her choreography, Eve identifies and interprets in her own way these six emotional states in front of the audience. Then, she invites six spectators to join her on stage. She equips them with virtual reality headset with which they will discover the story of Amir, Désirée, Lohan, Meredith, Jonas or Fiona. Each spectator-participant of the virtual experience then perceives the world of one of these six people in the virtual space.

Outside the virtual space, the other spectators observe on a big screen these different stories in a video montage where each character struggles with their extreme emotions before being emancipated by the dancer’s gestures as Eve twirls from one to the other.



The experience is a dual reality hybrid format. In the stage space, six chairs, equipped with six virtual reality masks, are arranged in a circle. The chairs are the starting point of the virtual experience, those of the life stories of six characters, and are identified by a visual sign of color and shape.A dancer will first begin an individual choreography, then she seeks out six participants from the audience who will be invited to sit on the chairs and put on the masks. These six participants join a shared choreography, as the dancer continues to move around them and interact with them at specific moments. For each of these spectators, these physical interactions coincide with a moment in the XR experience they are having and provoke a strong sense of engagement. Each XR experience, divided into three phases, leads the spectator-participant to stand up, move, and finally participate freely in a choreography shared with the other participants.



40min VR-Hybrid live performance experience created and directed by Margherita Bergamo Meneghini. Original story by Margherita Bergamo Meneghini and Veronica Boniotti. Interactive Design : Daniel González-Franco. Creative technologist : John Desnoyers-Stewart.

An original production by Compagnie Voix. Produced by Digital Rise.