9 août 2018

Marie-Antoinette VR

An episodic story of the last queen of France from her own perspective.

by Carol Liu // Line production by Digital Rise & DVgroup


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Enter the 18th century France in vivid 360 S3D details. Marie-Antoinette invites you on an epic journey inside her memories. From the child queen of Versailles to her premature death, experience her heartbreaking story. Virtual reality will reshape your assumptions about this controversial woman, who never actually said “Let them eat cake!”.




Marie-Antoinette is a 10-episode historical series filmed with the 3D stereoscopic camera from Google and directed by Carole Liu. The principle is to relive the history of the controversies of Versailles so that the spectator can in virtual reality make his own opinion according to his sensitive experience at the time of the French revolution.

Carol Liu’s Marie-Antoinette has been supported by Google in 2017 JUMP Start Program. The Demo shot with the support of Digital Rise and DVgroup has been presented at Oculus Connect 4 this same year.

The experience is an intimate drama through History dramatic events that will impact the audience and make them feel the story as though they were there : a mob presence outside your doors, a child being wrested away from his demoted queen mother and two unrequited lovers meeting in private. The audience will engage with a dynamic range of environmental atmospheres from royal palace of Versailles to a confined prison cell, experience contrasts in 360 in a groundbreaking way, beyond the confines of traditional media.



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6 x 10 minutes written & Directed by Carol Liu / A production design by Carol Liu Films – DVgroup / Line Production Digital Rise