2 avril 2017

Make Your First Movie in Virtual Reality

Réaliser son premier film en Réalité Virtuelle





FRANÇOIS KLEIN, C.E.O. of Digital Rise Studio is the author of MAKE YOUR FIRST FILM IN VIRTUAL REALITY (edited in French). With this book, he gives valuable advice and information on narrative forms, writing in 360, production steps and tools, immersive sound, post-production, players, masks…


Passionate about technology, François Klein became a 360 video producer in the continuity of his native attraction for immersive technology. « I worked in stereoscopic 3D in 2010 and focused on 360 video and VR in 2013, with the Oculus Rift DK1 ». From this new experiment, he begins a hard work on the possibilities of narrative writing, acting and staging in 360°.

« What prompted me to write this book is a bit of the experience I had with Stereoscopic 3D boom in 2009. Suddenly, many companies and artists started producing content without necessarily understanding or mastering the technology. The films were often of average quality, even bad, which contribute to deceive the audience. Since Facebook’s purchase Oculus for a staggering amount of money, a number of people urging to make 360 video have begun to show up. So, it seemed essential to me this people should have the keys to understand this technology to prevent the reoccurrence, with the VR, the unfortunate flop experienced stereoscopic 3D… That’s why I wrote this book! » – François Klein.

Make your first film in virtual reality deals with VR screenplay, narrative forms, storyboard and staging, preparation for the shooting, camera choice and placements, the postproduction… up to screening, immersive sound and 360 stereoscopic. The book brings together the main themes to consider before embarking on the production of an immersive 360 VR project.

The book is not intended for dummies (« No one is dum! » Says its author), but to everyone who have creative ideas and seek how to achieve them. « We have barely touched on the possibilities offered by VR and 360 video … » says François Klein.

Original press article and author’s interview on publisher website Mediakwest (in French)

Francois_KleinMake your first film in virtual reality (Réaliser son premier film en réalité virtuelle) is published by Génération Numérique, both a press publisher and an agency specializing in audiovisual (cinema, television, new media). The company participates in the organization of Satis-Screen4All, a disruptive technologies forum for film, television and new screens, which each year place a high priority on virtual reality and immersive contents.

Réaliser son premier film en réalité virtuelle, Génération Numérique, 170 pages, 24 euros – First edition edited in French. <order here>