9 août 2018

The Panda Sanctuary

An insight discovery of China’s biggest Panda center research.

by Jeanne Guillot // Creative production by Digital Rise for DVgroup




Pierre is a French man who took part in the volunteering programme at the Gengdu centre. He tells us passionately about his experience. At the centre, he was fortunate enough to follow the life of several pandas: a mother seriously wounded by a predator, brought back to the centre to be take care of and treated, a young panda being trained to live in the wild, a pair of twins born in the center with their mother.



In this 7x5min documentary series, the story of each animal are developed as a common theme linking the 6 episodes of the series. The series end up with the return to the wild of two big males, the outcome of the work carried out by the teams at the centre. Throughout the episodes, we will also progressively find out about the role of pandas in China’s political context and especially its fragile environmental policy.


The seventh film, shot as an extra « special episode » is an educational story for a younger audience, about a small panda discovering the fate of its species.


7 x 5min 360° documentary series written and Directed by : Jeanne Guillot /  Editor : Thomas Bresard / VR Supervisor : Guillaume Malichier / A French-China Co-production between DVgroup (FRE) &  Shambala Visual Ltd. (CHI) / Creative Producer : Digital Rise / Line Producer : Digital Rise