9 août 2018

The Android – VR series


7 x 10 minutes 360-S3D series by L.P.Lee & Gaëlle Mourre



In a sumptuous traditional Chinese hotel, an impressive wedding is about to take place. Mrs Song managed to find a good match for her daughter Zhen-Zhen: the heir of the rich Zang family. Despite the cost, Mrs Song hires for the duration of the wedding androids who are similar to humans. For the bridesmaid, she takes a prototype, Ah-Hui is a new generation female android. By trying to to modify her behaviour, Mrs Song and then Zhen-Zhen, change her parameters and distrupt its functioning.



A wedding taking place in a futuristic Chinese traditional society and within a privileged social background is like a theatre scene, a place of representation where the image of each person rules. Within this complex environment, introducing humanoid machines deceptively similar to human beings is a suitable set-up to question concepts such as identify appearance and humanity.

The Android is a 7 x 10 minutes 360°-S3D multisegment series. The story unfolds within a unity of time (the preparation and duration of the wedding) and a unity of place (the hotel where the event take place), around 8 main characters. Those characters mix and meet, experiencing the same events but each with a different take on things, building up a common experience from their personnal stories.



Digital Rise (from France) and Serendipity Films (from Taïwan) brings this live action dark comedy thriller to screen in a close collaborative work with the authors Gaëlle Mourre and L.P.Lee. The technical supervision of the project will be lead by DVgroup for their technical expertise in VR interactive stories. The Android also benefit of the support from Google Jump Start Program and Kaoshiung Film Festival.

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An anticipation universe in the near future with humanoid androids
>A story exploring the themes of arranged mariage, and traditional Chinese society
>A multi-segment narration lead by an artificial intelligence
>A 7 x 10 min 360° stéréoscopic experience
>Broadcast in a dedicated multiplateforme application
>Two co-writers, Laura P. Lee, authors of award-winning short stories and Gaëlle Mourre, director.



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7 x 10 minutes Series / A Multisegment story by L.P.Lee & Gaëlle Mourre / Directed by Gaëlle Mourre / VR Cinematographer – Céline Tricart / VR Supervisor – Thomas Villepoux / Original Music – Jasmin K. Rogdman / A Co-Production – Digital Rise – Serendipity Films Ltd. – DVgroup