Cosmik Roger – When the last hope of Mankind is getting drunk in space bars, what could go wrong?



As usual, COSMIK ROGER is leaning on an intergalactic bar counter. When comes the time to pay the bill, he suddenly disappear in a flash. The space bars tour begins. Systematically when time to pay the drinks comes, ROGER move his hand to his belt and evaporates.

Bartenders fulminate. Of course, the more ROGER drinks, the merrier he does bar talks, and the less his teleportations are precise. Bringing him to the most parodic and baroque universes. At last he reappears in his favorite bar “The rings meeting”. Roger was testing an instant teleportation belt sold by a traveling salesman. Successful trial! ROGER decides to keep the object. When the salesman announces the price of his revolutionary prototype, ROGER move his hand to his belt with a witty smile…



COSMIK ROGER : THE BILL is a 15 minutes VR fiction experience designed for room-scale setup. It consists in an experience where you can move and walk around a space the size of a space bar. Room-scale experiences offer a maximum immersiveness and enhanced user engagement.

It’s an adaptation from a famous comic book which was published in Fluide Glacial magazine in the early 2000. The character’s concept, a silly politically incorrect satire, is adapted to VR with humor, where it is said it can “teleport the spectator”. What if this teleportation were nothing else but a trick to escape THE BILL?



COSMIK ROGER is an immersive experience that teams Bretagne Production Internationals and DVgroup in a young adult VR story. DVgroup and BPI have already produced together cutting edge immersive Experience ALICE, THE VIRTUAL REALITY PLAY in 2017 and THE HORRIFICALLY REAL VIRTUALITY in 2018.

Here, adapting a comics to a screen is thinking its new boundaries. It means thinking the in-between, what isn’t said or showed. Here, it consists in recreate what happens further than the bubble to give a wider context to the story. Thanks to the support of Digital Rise Author Julien Durand-Bertin and Director Marc Mordelet bring ahead an immersive animated comedy never seen before.



1 x 12minutes / VR Room-Scale by Julien Durand-Bertin / Directed by Marc Mordelet

A French co-production / Digital Rise / Bretagne Production International / DVgroup

From the comics design by Julien & Mo/CDM – Edited by Fluide Glacial