9 août 2018






Founded in 2016 by Producer François Klein and Stereograher Thomas Villepoux DIGITAL RISE is an international creative producer for innovative fictions and new forms of storytelling. We design and build immersive experiences to push forward digital entertainment through stories that questions audience perception of reality.


Our productions are Fantasy tales, Thriller, Anticipation, Adventure, Historical genres in 360-S3D series, cinematic VR, interactive stories and room-scale experiences. We also consult and advise on scripts and production design for selected partners.


François and Thomas have worked together in Stereoscopic industry since 2008 before turning to VR and digitals cross-genre in 2013. Thanks to a close work with DVgroup, they experiments different possibilities to create immersive stories in VR. In 2017, François share his knowledge about VR production and 360 movies in the first guidelines book “Make Your First Film in Virtual Reality” (“Réaliser son Premier film en Réalité Virtuelle”).

Through their respective works and various collaboration, François and Thomas have built a network of international partnership and highly qualified professionals to bring the best of new technology to the entertainment industry from script to screen and beyond.

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